What I’ve Been Listening to in June 2020

Here’s my end of the month, monthly fave new stuff post on the last day of this month again!

Coriky‘s self-tilted debut album taken my top spot! If you don’t know them? It’s new project by Washington, D.C. punk rocker Ian MacKaye with his wife drummer Amy Farina and his old band mate Joe Lally, bassist from Fugazi. I think, it was suppose to be out a little earlier this year but pushed back a bit to June, most deaf worth the wait!:

Tender Connection by Tender Collection (the record label) is my fave Aussie album of this month almost gone. So it’s a various artists comp album of new-ish electronic artists of Melbourne. I think, my most fave track is the nine min. epic Golden Syrup‘s Self Observed:

Lilac EP by HTRK even more rare stuff released on bandcamp by them in early June. All these are experiments or remixes are from the Psychic 9-5 Club album sessions of 2014. This version of Chinatown Style I think is better, Dying is precursor of Blue Sunshine and Female Jealousy is “a soundscape research into the heartbeat fetish scene.”:

Built To Spill Plays The Songs Of Daniel Johnston by Built To Spill is a whole eleven track tribute/cover album, if you can’t tell by the title? When I seen them a few years ago live, they played an amazing cover of The Smiths. Anyway in 2017 they played a few shows as Daniel Johnston’s back up band so when he passed away last year they recorded these songs:

USA by Mr. Bungle is cover of The Exploited song. Finishing with even more punk rock today and both are Mike Patton projects! After like 20 years of nothing new by Mr. Bungle they dropped this at the start of this month plus a brand new album is coming too:

Rise Above by Dead Cross is cover of Blag Flag track. Dead Cross is a way more newer MP project with their debut self-titled album released in 2017. This time it comes with a video clip plus it seems a new album is coming by them too:

Off course some very big huge names like Run The Jewels, Bob Dylan and then even Phoebe Bridgers dropped her new album early, are all great listening and did enjoy them! But I figure they’re pretty easy to find, more popular, don’t need to embedded them all here! Maybe just call those runner-ups to all the stuff above or something? Trying to cull/edit this post down a bit this month so seems I’ve done a top six, this time!

It’s Coriky’s band members as paper cut-outs, I guess it’s Joe, Amy and Ian (l-r).

Cheers! 🙂

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