Song of the Day: All Of These Things by Ed Kuepper

Here’s some yet more Aussie indie rock for your weekend, if you wanna listen? Kuepper has got a huge pile of solo albums, you know? You might remember he was in early 80’s post-punkers Laughing Clowns and late 70’s punks The Saints plus then his own re-version of them was The Aints! too. Almost all his solo albums he does credited some kind-of band, giving some even a name.

Anyway today’s SOTD post is All Of These Things from his mid-90’s Frontierland album of 1996 was his twelfth solo album. Kuepper here does do a lot with the vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass and mandolin. If anyone else is interested who’s behind Ed this album is on keyboards is Charlie Cole who was in an Aussie 80’s band called Moving Pictures and then they changed their name to 1927, anyone remember them? Clayton Doley plays organ who seems to be an album producer, session player who’s worked with just to name couple Jimmy Barnes, Renee Geyer, The Whitlams etc. Anyway above is from the studio album, I guess more “band” version of this track and then below is a totally “solo” live on Aussie weekend morning TV show Recovery:

The words to All Of These Things are:

Everywhere you walked be paved with gold
of the fags you smoked there will be legends told
the bus you rode a national monument
worshipped like a chariot heaven sent
the land will mourn the time we spent apart
flags will be flown at half mast
the time we spent together poets will say
a cause for celebration every day

The street you lived will be overrun with flowers
your cast-off clothes will be hung from towers
streamers and confetti fill the sreets
of any town where we did ever meet

All of these things will last long after
I’ve long since forgotten you
All of these things will last long after
You’ve long since forgotten me
doo doo doo doo

Playwrights will churn out great tragedies
cause the times that we fought
brings people to their knees
sudents of romance study everything
we said, in schools you’ll hear the children sing

Extra bonus tracks are all that album’s tracks that I can find on YouTube. Fireman Joe is second track on Frontierland album which as you can see had a video clip!

That’s the third track was The Weepin’ Willow.

#4: How Would You Plead?, #5: M.D.D.P. Limited, #6: Pushin’ Fear II all are missing but #7: Rough Neck Blues does seem to be on YouTube.

#8 Someone Told Me is not there too but #9 Poor Howard album’s closing track is!

Black & white photo of EK in 90’s

Cheers! 🙂



    1. oh cool, so glad it’s yet another one you dig! The whole album Frontierland has the very same vide if you wanted more or check it out? Cheers 🙂


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