Remembering: Tony Pola

I haven’t done this kind-of blog post for a longtime but over the long weekend the great Aussie drummer Tony Pola passed away! I love the bands he was in, I love him and so sad seeing another musical hero go. Finding out yesterday so I had to have a listen tooo his stuff, sharing something from the albums he played on today so if you wanna have a listen?

Around only four years ago Tony Pola did a solo track so let’s start with that:

Back to the very start with a couple of songs from his debut album: Hit Me With The Surreal Feel by Kim Salmon & The Surrealists of 1988, it’s both Bad Birth and Intense songs because I couldn’t decide?

Here’s Measure Of Love from Just Because You Can’t See It…Doesn’t Mean It Isn’t There by Kim Salmon & The Surrealists of 1989:

In 1991 they even made a video clip of Zero Blank from the album entitled Essence. Kim Salmon & The Surrealists seem to depicting a funnel but now both drummer and bassist Brian Henry Hooper who passed away back in 2018 have died:

In 1991 Tony joined the Beasts Of Bourbon so here’s the video clip for Chase The Dragon from The Low Road album. Worth to note because it’s not a good record to be a Beast ATM because Spencer P. Jones passing away also in 2018:

In 1993 Beasts put out From The Belly Of The Beasts, double discs live and “shit we didn’t put out the first time” here’s Not Gonna Try No More which lyric are by Tony, he did have a few more writing or co-writing credits before this, you know?

Kim Salmon & The Surrealists next album came in 1993 too, here’s I Fell video clip from Sin Factory album:

I really love Sin Factory album so here’s yet another one from it, it’s another co-written one by Pola too, it’s In The Underworld by Kim Salmon & The Surrealists:

Beasts got back together in 1996 for an album called Gone and here’s a song entitled Fake:

The next Beasts didn’t came out until 2007 with the Little Animals album so here’s Sleepwalker, it’s other TP co-songwriting track too:

In the 2000’s Brian Henry Hooper when solo and Tony Pola played some very sweet drumming on What Was It That Your Mother Said? on his Trouble album of 2010:

In the early 2010’s Tony formed brand new band called The Fags, it’s the opening song Dog Town from their album called Bella Morte of 2011:

So it wasn’t until 2019 the Beasts got back together for the Still Here album, it’s one of Spencer P. Jones last songs he wrote At The Hospital:

It’s TP behind his drum kit!

Cheers Tony, rest in peace 😥


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