End of the Month New Music list: Aug. 2022

It’s the last day of this month and I’m back to once a month for this type of post now so a bit less than the last post like this! Hopeful is a little bit easy to get though because it isn’t over packed toooooooo much like that last one?

Traumazine by Megan Thee Stallion let’s start with some rap because I never have any rappers and it was big surprise release from her this month, you know? Yeah, it’s something a bit different for me, maybe tooo mainstream but I do like/love her and her sophomore album is epic wicked great! Red Wine is my fave track at the moment, if you’ll like know?

Minimalist by Thomy Sloane total change of speed now and you might remember me talking about this end of last month’s post? Included a couple of vids so the debut solo album from Batpiss front-man is now finally out and it’s even more minimalist than the album title implies and I was expecting! It’s totally instrumental and yeah it’s very, very, very minimal but I totally love it, hope you dig it tooooooo? If you check it out?

My Name Is Hell by Kal Marks they’re now a four piece band adding a new female guitar player on their brand new album, we’re getting to the indie rock for next few in my little list/post now! If you’ve never heard of them before? They’re from Boston, Massachusetts, America and had a few albums by now, you know? I think, my fave track is the closing track entitled Bored Again which seems is the longest song on it tooo!

Bleed Out by The Mountain Goats haven’t really check out anything new by them for a while but for reason decide to have a listen to this one and really dug it! The action/cop movie references is very wicked clever songwriting and his/their 21st studio album! The seven mins. closing title track is my fave, if you wanna know?

Joanna EP by Down Under is brand new band from Melbourne, Australia with Tom Lyngcoln (The Nation Blue, Harmony, Pale Heads etc.) on vox/guitar, Bonnie Mercer on guitar, Cinta Masters on Drums, Jon Ainslie on Bass and just guessing an album is coming soon?

Moonburn EP by Tropical Fuck Storm opening title track is the only new original track of the four tracks here, Ann is Stooges cover, Aspirin – Slight Return was from Goody Goody Gumdrops film but was missing from vinyl version and Heaven is Talking Heads cover which was used as B-side before, you know?

Endless Filament by Fia Fiell is my fave stand alone track which is a wicked 15 mins. long electronic/ambient instrumental and here’s hoping we’re going to get a brand new album by her sometime soon?

Armour your amor by Mess Esque does come as a 7″ single which is the only way to hear the B-side. Jim White joins Helen Franzmann aka McKisko and Mick Turner so that’s a couple of members of Dirty Three which is most likely the closest to them recording anything new!

Video clip of this month: Blue by Indigo Sparke it’s just black & white clip but I guess, none of the vids I pick under this bit are much to look at. So pointing out here: it’s more about the song than the visuals, you know?

Cover song of the month: Who By Fire by PJ Harvey originally by Leonard Cohen in 1974. It’s for another TV show I know nothing about but it’s PJ doing Lenny!

Great Truckin’ Songs of the Renaissance by TISM is the reissue of the month, originally released in 1988. Put out again on cass tape late last year, vinyl/CD was a couple months ago and now is on digitally/steaming, I don’t know why not at the same time? I’ve included them before in my reissues bit but I think, this one is their very best album or at least my own fave. TISM were around for almost all of the 80’s but this was their debut so by this stage they had soooooo many songs, it was double album so it’s very, very long and maybe some would say it’s tooooo bloody long!

Against The Odds: 1974 – 1982 by Blondie is runner-up reissues and adding this most likely doesn’t make this post shorter, it could be even longer? It’s 52 mainly rarities, demos, outtakes etc. but I love stuff like this and I think, it’s well worth a listen!

So that’s my top 12 for August of new stuff, I hope you enjoyed it if you pressed play on one, some, any or all of it?

It’s MTS on fire!

Cheers! 🙂


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