Remembering: David Bowie

Well he passed away only four days ago and his 69th birthday was two before that and the internet has been overflowing will him so here’s my two cents too. I’m not telling you nothing new if you happen to be reading this but a chili when through my body when reading of his passing and then I cried. He’s one of the big names like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones so for years I never when out of my way to listen to his music, he was always played even if I didn’t put one of his records on.

I was a kid in the 80’s so the Ashes To Ashes and Let’s Dance video clips is what I remember the most from that time. Countdown in Australia was it for television, one mainstream radio station in the small town I grown up in. In the 90’s as a teenage all my fave artists was name dropping him as a big influence, another TV show called Rage had this thing guest programming which late Saturday night and early Sunday morning any band or artist could pick out videos and play them with a little spoken intro at the start of about every four or five songs and playing about 40 or 50 tracks over the whole night. Almost each weekend or every second weekend Bowie got played, I don’t know the record of who’s been played the most because the show is still going today but at a guess it could be him. Everyone from Radiohead to Robert Forster of The Go-Betweens which was the last time I watch it, this weekend they’re playing non-stop David clips!

Twin Peaks - Der Film / Twin Peaks - Fire Walks with MeAt the start of the 90’s he made a cameo in my of fave movie directors film, seeing Fire Walk With Me, that’s where the main image is from, if you don’t know it’s Phillip Jeffries? on the big screen was amazing, the first of David Lynch‘s I got to see in a cinema so it does hold a special place even if anyone else at the time hated it because it was Twin Peak prequel. Then came Lost Highway in the late 90’s bookend by those credits of that unbelievable movie (that’s the 1st song I’m Deranged at the the bottom of the page with his lyrics in the font style of Lost Highway credits). Both those films still to this day would be faves by David Lynch.

Then a little later on in the mid 2000’s sitting down in a cinema again my next fave film director would have covers of David all throughout his new movie at time, sung in a different language and just on acoustic guitar plus for the closing credits Wes Anderson had the full cast walk along to yet another of his classic (that’s the 2nd song Queen Bitch at the the bottom of the page taken from the end credits of The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou). It’s pity he didn’t make a cameo but that might have been overkill but because Bill Murray takes the lead in Life Aquatic and with Rushmore, no Bowie in that one they’re still my faves Anderson’s films.

One of my ex’s and her mother, she did have a cat too was total Bowie fans so for about ten years once again I didn’t have to put on his record because they would put his music almost every-time they got together. Then last year I was in Melbourne for the big exhibition of his, my fave music magazine had his top 100 tracks and then a friend burn me a three CD’s of her fave songs of his too. So that’s 500 words now in this post of my David Bowie and his forever presence.

Over a lifetime my fave David Bowie has became the thin white duke, the Station To Station album and it was his tenth album and released the year of my birth too. The most time at that exhibition last year was looking that cool suit he wear at time even if it’s very plain compared to some of his other costumes but that is just the coolest, black and white, prefect cut and fitting suit ever. The album only got six songs but oh my god what tracks they’re, it’s my ideally, most beautiful album and Classic Albums post I need to write about but maybe I should start to write that one now after posting this one. Might be a good idea seems I’ve not posted anything here for a while, two David Bowie thingy after his passing away. Maybe I should watch those movies again too because I have been playing his music the last few days like everyone else but I love those films so anyway here’s those two songs.

So now dear reader what’s your fave David Bowie track/s?


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