Remembering: Chester Bennington

Right, it’s been five days now since blogging now so going to hopefully post this tonight. I don’t know what to say about this really, even stopped blogging days ago because it left my mind blank. Now it’s Tuesday’s night so I’ll try and write a little here and now. Just above is my fave Chester Bennington track, it’s solo track from a soundtrack I love because I never really ever got into Linkin Park at all. Nu-metal really was something I never really got into at all to tell the truth. The song is called The Morning After which is the second track on the Underworld 2: Evolution soundtrack and after saying I never got into nu-metal, it’s pretty much a whole soundtrack of nu-metal plus I’ve got the first movie soundtrack too.

When read about Bennington’s death it was sub-titled it would have been Chris Cornell‘s 53 birthday on that day. Read about them being very close friends and even he’s godfather of Cornell’s son Christopher and Chester also sung at Cornell’s funnel doing Leonard Cohen’s song Hallelujah too. So just above is the live version of Temple Of The Dog’s Hunger Strike because they seem both connected now and it’s great version. It was just back in May when we, the world lost Chris and now last week Chester is gone to by the very same means.

I was going to say something about suicide but this is the wrong place to do, some other time, maybe? Anyway I still don’t know what to say, I’ll just say I turn 41 this year so the very same age as Bennington which does make me think and other than that it’s all so very sad and totally painful.


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