Live Gigs: X @ Rosie’s

So that’s the late 70’s Aussie punk band X from Sydney not any number other acts called X too! Here’s my now my Monday blog post of this gig I got to go to this weekend just gone because this weekend was very busy and I’ve been very, very slack with my blog posting the last week or start of this month, hopefully this is not just going to turn into Tuesday or Wednesday post.

It’s the 40 years tour and this is gig for X came over to the west to play in Rosie’s side room whatever they call it now? It does seems punk rock music is the same age as me too. At this point in the band called X, the only last living original member is singer-guitar player Steve Lucas from the three piece line-up. So X was always and did have a very important rhythm players so it’s now Kim Volkman on bass playing those heavy Ian Rilen classic riffs who passed away back in 2006 and plus on drums Hunters & Collectors’ Doug Falconer too.

Opening the set with their cover of John Lennon’s Mother because “the only sad song we know” as tribute to Tony Cohen and lets see if I remember what else they played? Degenerate Boy was about third track, Revolution was fifth, Good On Ya Baby was Seventh, Suck Suck was played after comments about the local supports and we got some merch for sell. I Don’t Wanna Go Out was played after thanking everyone coming along to this, braving the very bad weather and not going to the much bigger gig just up the road, one of two sold out double bill of You Am I and Hoodoo Grus were playing. Almost forgetting he was in Perth and talking about over east but they played Police, then the track El Salvador was pretty close to the end of the night but running out of time to walk of and come back on for the encore they just keep playing until midnight curfew and then finishing with Halfway Round The World. They did played almost all the late 70’s and early 80’s songs on the night really but I’m just naming my personal faves here, it was non-stop and full stream ahead punk rock show with very little fucking about which is just want I wanted on Friday. So the Aussie tour is all over now so if you didn’t go, I’m here to tell you should have been there!

It’s now almost Monday night so I better post it up. I’ve try and get back into my blog posts this week but who knows I don’t seem that keen at the moment. Anyway I do hope whoever out there does enjoys a bit of punk rock for your Monday?


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