Shall Be Released: A Laughing Death In Meatspace by TFS (Song Times) + Live Gigs: TFS @ PBS FM Studio’s in Melbourne

A Laughing Death in Meatspace track listing now with song time lengths:

1. You Let My Tyres Down – 5:30
2. Antimatter Animals – 5:14
3. Chameleon Paint – 4:30
4. The Future Of History – 4:25
5. Two Afternoons – 4:33
6. Soft Power – 5:50
7. Shellfish Toxin – 5:35
8. A Laughing Death In Meatspace – 5:31
9. Rubber Bullies – 6:01

Total album length is 45:50 if I can do maths right? Once again I some how found the time or lengths of all the tracks on this up coming album so off course I’m blogging about it now!


So gotta share this great soundcloud live set at the Melbourne radio PBS FM Studio on 8th February 2018 as well today. Set list is Chameleon Paint, You Let My Tyres Down, Soft Power, Lose The Baby and Two Afternoons. Plus also so includes a set by Melbourne’s wicked cool band called Cable Ties too, bonus! It seems no one has listened to this so spreed the word!

Oh, my green 7″ finally came today too!

Tropical Fuck Storm! Which Gaz is apparently NOT a Richmond Tigers supporter but maybe more important is: does he drink VB beer or not?


Cheers 🙂


    1. LOL! I don’t know why he’s wearing it then and say he’s not a fan so that’s why I’m wondering if he drinks VB too?
      I stay in Richmond once and couldn’t find the footy club? I guess they play games at the MCG and it would be just offices or something? somewhere?

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      1. Lol, well I’m seeing Gaz play at the Corner Hotel (in Richmond funnily enough) in June so I’ll ask him! Ummmm not!! Too scary! But if it turns out he doesn’t drink VB and doesn’t barrack for the Tiges, then I just feel I don’t know who he really is anymore, ya know!! The mystery of Gaz. =) Yeah I think the footy club is located at Punt Road, which is more in the Collingwood area! It’s their original ground but they don’t usually play there I don’t think, but maybe they train there still?! If that makes sense??

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      2. Oh, i stay once in Collingwood too! What gigs did i see at Corner Hotel? i think I’ve seen two gigs there, grand total! But i can’t remember who both were? That’s going to piss me off all night now, I’ll have to see if I’ve got the ticket stubs somewhere? i guess that is your 247th gig at Corner Hotel or something?
        Have you listen those double j radio shows of Gaz? Quote “Nick Cave is tooooo popular now to be cool” etc. He’s name dropped a few things over the years but that’s got to be the 1st very, very, very long list of stuff he likes, no big surprises so far, i kind-of think he would listen what he’s played but i think this weekend trans-continental theme show just might be the best!
        Nice to lean something about Vic. footy teams but shouldn’t you be going for the Cats?

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  1. Cats, no! I was born in Melbourne-town hence Richmond! So did you work out which gigs you saw at the Corner yet? Tbh I haven’t been to the Corner for a while, I probably have been more to the Tote or the Forum over the years! My best friend used to live a stone’s throw from the Tote. Have you been? It was closed for a while but it’s now open again! I heard Gaz on 3RRR radio a few weeks ago (which is usually what I listen to), or shit, maybe it was PBS, I can’t remember! Anyway! But I haven’t heard him on Double J! He always makes me giggle a bit though, he’s actually hilarious! He’s so chilled and relaxed yet his music is always so intense! I haven’t listened to all their new album yet but I heard ‘Rubber Bullies’ tonight on 3RRR which I thought was very good. Well enjoy your Perth evening William! =)

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    1. Well, i was thinking you might been born in Geelong too but i guess not the case! Sounds like you might be a bigger footy fan than me too?
      Oh yeah, I’ve been to The Tote a few times now, i think the best show was Kim Salmon even if I’ve seen him a million times over here and i did found Alpine ticket at the Corner!
      He’s on JJ on Sunday afternoons for April, I’ll most likely make an epic playlist of all the songs at some point he did play afterwards but i think you can stream it on the jj website atm, it’s pretty great listening! Yeah, he’s pretty hilarious and chilled on that so i know what you mean!
      The TFS album isn’t out yet so that’s why you haven’t listen to it yet, you know? May 4th is the date it’s out!

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  2. TFS are actually playing now on 3RRR, ‘Breaking and Entering’ program. Link here if you get a chance to listen later! Oh yeah, that makes sense re. May 4th! I feel like I’ve heard most of their stuff on the radio and some at GP this year so I’m a bit confused, ya know what I mean?! =)

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