New Music: Modern Convenience by MOD CON

The next few days I’m going to catching up on my fave albums from this year that I haven’t yet blog about! Call it my little mid-year report or something like that?

It’s been awhile since I did a new album, last one was Tropical F Storm and this is Erica Dunn from them out front with a new band name who was formerly known as Palm Springs. Dunn also is in other band called Harmony and did backing vocals on the last The Drones album, Gareth Liddiard produced, recorded and mixed the Modern Convenience album too. Dunn is joined by Sara Retallick on bass and Raquel Solier on drums. Which this album was released back in early April so I’m a bit late with writing about this one but I am today!

I got this one on record because that the only real way to buy it, Palm Springs last release was only on cassette tape so maybe one day I’ll or we’ll be able to buy a CD or maybe not at all? Who knows? Saying this because it’s not much new music review, more a blog post of here’s what I’ve got lately! I bloody love this now and I’m playing it even more than that TFS record, if you wanna know?

As you can see or if you don’t know yet? They’re an all female three pierce, who are from Melbourne, Australia and do play wicked great indie rock n’ roll, if you haven’t yet hit play yet? Why not give it a go now? You might like it or even love it too?

Modern Convenience track listing:

1. Scorpio Moon – 2:47
2. Submit – 3:12
3. Mirror Of Venus – 3:27
4. Tell Me Twice – 3:03
5. Bad Time At The Hilton – 5:22
6. Neighbourhood – 2:53
7. Do It Right Margo – 2:50
8. Kidney Auction Blues – 2:59
9. Wanna Dance? – 3:56
10. Get In Front Of Me Satan – 5:07


Cheers 🙂


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