Wicked Songs: The Happiest Guy Around by Tropical Fuck Storm

Yet another brand new cool track by TFS already, bloody amazing output!

The eighteenth edition in Famous Class’ LAMC split series featuring an unreleased A-side track from one of the label’s favorite band’s, backed with a B-side track from a lesser-known artist handpicked by the A-side group. The series gets its name from the epic Less Artists More Condos concerts that the late Ariel Panero threw in New York, showcasing amazing bands in some strange and unique venues. Ariel’s driving force was a desire to get the bands he believed in the recognition he felt they deserved. This series simply tries to honor that idea.

That’s just cut and paste from the label and A-side band is Lairs and the lesser-known hand picked by Lairs is TFS. Around September 22nd is the due date of this 7″ vinyl single release. In other TFS news, if you’ve not heard? The debut album A Laughing Death In Meatspace which was released back in May in Australia but now will soon see a U.S.A. release on 26th of October thanks to indie label Joyful Noise Recordings. Pre-order the album here and pre-order the spit single over here plus an oversea tour visiting U.S. U.K. and Europe is in the works too!


Cheers 🙂


  1. It’s a pretty fun song, very TFS! So I guess that means they’re hopefully gonna be doing another Aussie tour later in the year? Do you know when they’ll have their full album out?

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    1. Do you mean another totally brand new album? not A Laughing Death re-jig for oversea, right? No word about another album but they must be working on new stuff because of this song above and they did say they didn’t want a break in-between albums! My guess would be sometime after the oversea release of A Laughing Death because they do have a couple silly photos of yet another video being made right now for a song on instagram of track from A Laughing Death album https://www.instagram.com/p/Bm2XkSBFkp9/?taken-by=tropical_fuck_storm
      They don’t say which song? They’re playing Mel and Syd shows, you know? Here’s the one close to you: https://www.facebook.com/events/227418904609865/
      They’re are saying Euro, UK and US tour at some point soon, my guess about that is Dec. or Jan. tour there! Maybe, totally brand new album early next year would be the best guess? Mark K just announces his next album for early 2019 today! He’s got his cat on the album cover too, it’s cute 🙂

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      1. Oh yeah, I did see both of those links already! But thank you! The line-up for the Melbourne show looks really great, Time For Dreams are also playing and like I said to you they were excellent when I saw them play with Laura Jean last month. I don’t know if I’ll go though, it’s my first day of school hols and don’t know what I’m doing yet! They’re not doing anything up Perth any time soon?
        Yeah I meant a new album, not a re-jig of ALDIM; I remember reading somewhere (maybe on your blog even!) that TFS are keen to keep the ball rolling with their next project so fingers crossed there’ll be something soon, how dare they keep us waiting, ya know! It’s so rude of them, haha!
        Oh and good news about the new Mark K album, he’s so bloody prolific hey!! Maybe he’ll come back to Oz, you never know. I wonder what his new one will be like? Any ideas from what you’ve read? New Years songs maybe this time? Cheers! =)

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      2. Well, the first thing I did think when seen it was a spit 7″ I figured we’ll be getting a few like they did last time before a new album but this is a one off with that label but who says they wouldn’t do something more like that again before it?
        I don’t know if we here in Perth will be getting anymore gigs anytime soon, TFS have come over twice this year plus Gaz at the Hooper show so that’s four and they never more than that before! We’ll see what TFS does next, who knows they might just drop a brand new album tomorrow or something?

        Mark’s new album is with Jim White again and Donny McCaslin who’s worked with Bowie on his Blackstar album. The tracklisting is on his website, it’s only seven songs but the Day In America track which is really, really, really long one but that’s up on youtube now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0j7ZfXjmOnY
        That album not out until early 2019 but he does have a new Sun Kil Moon in Nov. but as far as I can tell it’s a free download album which is cool! 🙂

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  2. So I just wrote a comment but it bloody deleted, argh! Okay, take two! Try to remember what I wrote!
    Haha yeah, Gaz is just as likely to drop a new album as he is to not, those crazy kids from TFS huh. Or maybe even have a secret show in Perth or something, who knows! So keep your eyes and ears open, hey!
    So I’m just listening to the Mark K link you sent me above, it’s good (but a bit tooooo long I think), it’s very Mark K isn’t it! I bloody love that he’s playing with Jim White, that’s so great. Jim does get around a bit, doesn’t he. And yeah, the cat’s a bit cute (speaking of cats, I’m today going out to pick up my new cat that I’m adopting from a friend who’s off travelling for a while!). But I’m off track!
    So anyway, I hope you’re gonna have a good day today? Cheers! =)

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    1. Guess we will see happens next for TFS!

      Did I ever say to my idea want would make a great Mark track? Basically for him to one long 80 min. song to fill one disc and if there was second track or other shorter songs that would be disc 2, what do you think? Should I sent him that idea in a email or something? The last three albums have been double CD’s anyway!
      You have a good night too! Cheers 🙂

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  3. Not that I know Mark K that well at all, but he is quite eccentric I think so he’d be totally all over that idea. It’s probably not every day he gets emails from Aussie fans suggesting ideas like that, haha, so why not? Tell him to come back to Oz as well! PS- Moon Pix arrived today! =)

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    1. Well, i don’t know about really sending anything to him because i was half just joking idea but he maybe he would be all over it! Have heard those couple of songs were he reads a couple of fan mail? Mark claims he gave them 25% songwriter royalty too, you know? Yeah, It would be so good to see an Aussie tour!
      So I guess it’s Moon Pix playing all night?

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  4. You should, why not? He might include you in a song, how funny would that be! Haven’t listened to Moon Pix vinyl yet, was instead starting to listen to a ’95 playlist by a certain someone, trying to keep up with their playlists! =)


    1. Wow-wee, my crazy playlists get played before brand new vinyl! I’ve just edited that one, 1995 yet again! I did joke once that the 90’s could be 100 tracks but I’m pretty close to that now anyway! 🙂

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  5. Omg more songs, when will I ever get sleep!? I think you’ll be at 100 before you know it; is that the plan for the other decades or just the 90s? I do love the 90s playlists so I’m not complaining that you’re adding to them! =)

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    1. It’s was only a shuffle the order and one clip got deleted or something so I added another on the end so it’s still 85 songs! Well, i didn’t really name a number or plan on anything but 100 was at bit of a joke at the time, off course I’m real close now! What’s that 15? I can’t think, if that’s right or wrong? I’ve re-done the 60’s playlists now too!! 🙂

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      1. Well I did listen to some of the 1993 playlist last night but maybe I should post something on that blog post for feedback and not on this one? Omg 60s playlists too, wow! Thumbs up emoji! =)

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