2018 Artist of the Year: Erica Dunn

Introducing a brand new award show this year here on my blog for the end of 2018. Because I dropped my smart phone down the toilet on the weekend, I can’t take a photo of this award but it’s bloody epic looking! To go with my blog name, I commissioned the biggest and best gold award you’ve ever seen but it’s more like a statue! It looks pretty much like a thousand mistakes pile high to the sky, some days the clouds in the sky guts get cut open on it and off course it’s all gold! Now I can’t leave it in my backyard forever, the fucking neighbors were already complaining about it!

So the weekend just gone, I rolled out the red carpet and I did invited more stars than both the Oscars and Grammys combined but only Tom Cruise and Ricky Gervais showed up on time because most of the other stars didn’t know how to find Perth, Western Australia because basically it’s not New York or L.A. Then both Tom and Ricky got bored and drunk waiting in my living room for everyone else to show up and they got into a fist fight over who was going to give out my award but I didn’t want to call the police but they just had to be call then they had to be payed off to just piss off after they broke-up the flight and not arrest Ricky and Tom! Anyway in all this chaos someone nicked/stole the award statue which was most likely not Ricky or Tom but the Perth police offices because they’re like that! After or even well before all this happen, I forgot to confirm the guest of honor was even coming!

Erica Dunn wins my artist of the year 2018 award because of all the totally super wicked cool projects she’s done all in just 12 months which, play them all above! I bloody love each and everyone of them! Thank you Erica and if you’ve reading this and not had a listen yet, please do!

It’s Erica playing her guitar and not looking the camera!

 Cheers 🙂



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