Gareth Liddiard + King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard collaboration album

Right, I’m going to have to blog something about this now! It’s been about or around about 24/48 hours ago King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard posted “NeW. MuSiC. CoMiNg. SoOn. ..” with that feature image. Also below is another image from the photographers Jamie Wdziekonski SUB-LATION instagram page.

But here’s Gaz himself talking about it late last year on 21st Dec. @ TheFireNote website who did ask then:

Is there any King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard collaboration in the future?

Gareth: Yeah, kind of, we just started working on a funny thing that we did. They came out to my house, if they’re not working they just record, that is how they manage to put out that much stuff. If they’re having a day off they’ll just record a fucking album and they come up to my joint and just recorded a bunch of stuff. We just had this big funny jam which I’ve got to get into it and cut it up and make some bizarre, weird fucking thing out of it. I’m going to start working on that this month. We’re going to start recording the new TFS album and so while I’m in the studio I’ll do some of this Gizz stuff too and see what happens.

So some music news website have report both Gareth Liddiard latest project Tropical Fuck Storm were playing at Gizzfest 2018 and support the Aussie tour just before the big Melbourne Festival but off course TFS very first tour was supporting the Gizz in America in 2017. You could say it’s a longtime coming because going back to the very first time King Gizz toured to Perth W.A. was supporting The Drones on the I See Seaweed album tour in 2013 but even before that! Can I remind everyone now to listen to Garage Liddiard track five from the debut album 12 Bar Bruise of 2012. I might have blogged this song before?

So until we get more info or official word I’m calling it/hoping for a Gareth Liddiard + King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard collaboration album today/tomorrow/the day after that etc. because that’s what be great! Who else seen this stuff? What are you hoping/wishing for?

Off course, yeah! Yes please the second TFS album this year would be bloody great! Anyway to finish off this post tonight and while we wait for word of what the bloody hell this thing is going to be? Here’s a live recording of TFS in NYC back a few months. Sorry but I do keep forgetting to posting it up, enjoy!

Gizz (right) and Gaz (left) flipping off!


Cheers 🙂

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