Cover Versions: Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds’ Jubilee Street by F1’s Daniel Ricciardo

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It’s gonna be a good day.

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Maybe, I’m really pushing it just a little naming/titling it as a cover version? Or could be like carpool karaoke but no one else in the car with Daniel? What’s that talk show host name that does that on TV? Anyway but because I haven’t posted a Cave blog post for a couple of weeks! Now here’s something from I think it was around the time of that Nick gig/tour last month and so good to know Cave is now doing an Euro/UK solo tour. I do wonder if Ricciardo has seen Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds live?

Now I’m pretty sure it’s the Jubliee Street live version from the last year’s Distant Sky: Live in Copenhagen EP that he’s listening to so I’ve embedded it in full, just below. Ricciardo isn’t driving on Jubliee Street but he’s from my hometown so he’s driving down Mitchell Freeway here in Perth, if you look out the window? Plus he’s just driving a Toyota Hilux according to fans who know more about cars than me. Daniel is also more of an air-drummer/singer so then I do wonder if any of The Bad Seeds members know they have F1 racing-car driver as a fan?

Fun facts toady: this year is the 70th running of the Formula One World Championship. When I was a teenager I did follow the F1 season much better than I do now, I’m pretty hopeless really and only see it when I go down south to see my old man. Now all the drivers wear colors, oh no that’s players in a Paul Kelly song about a great cricketer. As you can tell by now I’m really not much of a sport fan, much more a music fan. So what was I talking about? Oh yeah, the F1 season starts in about two/three weeks in Australia. The Aussie GP is the opening race not the closing one in Adelaide like once it was and now is run in Melbourne. Anyway good luck to Ricciardo and the Renault team this year, I will try and watch it!

Dan enjoying Nick!

That’s now my F1 racing-car driver blog post by way of a Nick Cave song over and done!

Cheers 🙂

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