Live Gigs: Max & Iggor Cavalera @ Metro’s

I when totally bat shit crazy the weekend just gone and when too two shows and now blogging the second one today!

If you don’t know it’s basically the Brazilian metal act called Sepultura or just the two brothers from that band, Max the main songwriter, singer and guitar player and Iggor the drummer but somehow the only one left in the said band is the another guitar player as the only original member but they’re still going? Then again Max did intro the bass player but haven’t clue who he is, sorry but it was Marc Rizzo guitarist of Soulfly & Cavalera Conspiracy which are both Max bands/projects. Anyway Cavalera’s picked the right players to join them because it was one hell of an unbelievable band live.

So it’s Return Beneath Arise Australian Tour 2019 which if you don’t know what that is? They’re playing songs from both the Arise album of 1991 and Beneath The Remains album of 1989 which are total classic metal of late 80’s and early 90’s. I could go all out today and say it’s the best metal of that time or even of all-time! So they’re throwing in a newer taken on them for a live setting which I didn’t know how you could have made them better so I didn’t know about the idea? But Max & Iggor were dead right they did it, which I know sounds mad! Just put your trust in the Mr. C brothers and when they come to your town buy a ticket, have your head ripped off your body all night long!

OK, let’s type about when I meet all four Sepultura blokes back in the 90’s today, as well! It’s the 1996 Chaso A.D. album tour the first in Perth but down in Freo too! On the docks, the had this big old hall type building then for gigs, I’ve seen a lot of acts back then there. It was called the Freo Passenger Terminal so it was where people came of the boats back then, remember Australia when almost everyone here was boat people? Anyway the gig was total chaos and at some point in the most pit we all when sideways, almost laying down people were under me and on top too but then some crowd-surfer came falling in while I couldn’t get up, feet first too I should add wearing huge steel cap boots and I could see him coming and trying to get out of the way because I knew where he was going land! My leg! I hear the breaking knee over the music too! I was dragged side of stage somehow, then when they was coming off and or on stage at the end of the night  they the four Sepultura blokes seen me laying/sitting there and they started apologising to me because be this point my knee was the size of a basketball or something? And I should go to a hospital but I got them to sign my flannel shirt and got a few free tickets out of the venue so I wouldn’t sue them or something? I spend the rest of the night in emergency ward. Once they figure out nothing was broken but all my ligaments were ripped in my knee and at some point told me it’s not as bad as it looked and can heal without surgical but will be immobilized for weeks even months to it fix right again. Then I had to try calling some people I knew at three or four in the morning by the old style pay phone because young kids mobiles were sci-fi then and see if anyone would pick-up the phone at that time and then ask them to come down to Freo and pick-up me up too?

Nothing like that happen on Sunday night this time, thank hell! I was the only person wearing a color other than black, oh no I did see a couple of red shirts! I was wearing bright green t-shirt because it was St. Patrick’s day and that’s what I put on in the morning. As I was saying about last weekend’s gig post with all the goths I was hanging out with then and now it’s all the metal-heads! It’s really putting yourself inside a box or your putting yourself into little tiny one! All sub-cultures start with idea of something different or alternative to the mainstream culture but somehow end but just as bad! Does that make sense to anyone out there? Maybe my problem is, that the right word? I can never pick just one and if I do go along to one I always seem to go against whatever it is?!?!

Anyway I’m really not talking about this gig at all but after this or even before it! I would name that early Sepultura line-up as my fave metal band of all-time and those four/five 80’s/90’s albums easy as the best/fave metal albums of all-time! They, Max & Iggor C and band did do a Roots album of the year 1996 tour/gig not that long ago now so this was like the kind-of third time seeing them live and each was amazingly wicked cool shows! What else happened? Max calling Desperate Cry his personal fave track from the Arise album, throwing in not just one but two Motörhead covers at the end of the main set plus the encore made-up by three songs from three other great Sepultura albums too! Let’s finish with the full setlist, OK?

Setlist 17/3/19 @ Metropolis Fremantle, Australia was:

1. Beneath the Remains
2. Inner Self
3. Stronger Than Hate
4. Mass Hypnosis
5. Slaves of Pain
6. Primitive Future
7. Arise
8. Dead Embryonic Cells
9. Desperate Cry
10. Altered State
11. Infected Voice
12. Orgasmatron (Motörhead cover)
13. Ace of Spades (Motörhead cover)
14. Troops of Doom
15. Refuse/Resist
16. Roots Bloody Roots
17. Beneath the Remains / Arise songs closing melody


Cheers for coming back to Perth/Freo again 🙂


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