1001 Albums Book: 1967

I’m not dead yet and haven’t post anything about this in a very longtime. Since the last time blogging about this book, the big news is my 2016 edition of this book/list is now officially old hat already because it has been spared by a brand new updated 2018 version. I’ve seen it a little while ago, the new one for sale in my local bookshop and the front cover has Prince on it! I can’t remember all the new albums that have been included now in this updated edition?

A little while ago, I did find online list somewhere? A very amusing list of all the albums you don’t have listen before you die because they have been removed/edited out over the years the book has been published because they’re always updating it. At a guess the number of albums would have to be easy into triple figures because the 1001 number is always the same since early 2000’s or whenever it was first published? But more years/albums get added each time so something else get cut or edited out!

Please note: That’s my own 1967 playlist I started to build last year, the idea was to name some of my fave tracks from each year. If you want a soundtrack while looking at this long post or some other time? I can’t remember what the hell I was doing last time blogged about this book, I think it was sometime only last year or the year before? I think, I was embedding song/s or whole album/s or both? I’m just adding some more songs from each album I enjoy to that playlist. Some songs, off course are NOT listed in this bloody big book, that’s just going to be totally confusing? Right?

I was going to try but have totally fail to keep my writing very minimal because it’s a lot of albums so it’s very long, sorry. I’m also going in the backwards order from the book too, if you wanna know? Below is all the 1967 records according this book you must listen to before you die, with my little/long two cent comments about each:

I Never Loved A Man The Way I Loved You by Aretha Franklin the Soul Queen who passed away last year, the opening song is Respect but I’ve got to add Dr. Feelgood (Love Is A Serious Business) to that playlist. Very highly reco album, if you haven’t you should!

Axis: Bold As Love by The Jimi Hendrix Experience is the greatest guitarist in history and you don’t need me or this book to tell you that. Whoever is now running his estate don’t like YouTube much at all. Previous I’ve added a live version of Purple Haze which isn’t on this or the next album four/five down, go figure?

White Light/White Heat by The Velvet Underground was NOT released in 1967! It was recorded at the tail end of this year but wasn’t out until 1968, it’s one year wrong. I’m NOT counting it at all because I’m a big fuss-pot for release dates. I did a very longtime ago write most likely a very badly written full blog post about this album, linked here.

 Call Of The Valley by Shivkumar Sharma, Brij Bhushan Kabra, Hariprasad Chaurasia were taking Indian music to the world back then in the 60’s and it’s a very beautiful album. Another highly reco from me and I’m adding the closer track Rag Pahadi to that playlist above.

Don’t Come Home A Drinkin’ (With Lovin’ On Your Mind) by Loretta Lynn C&W diva is also great but this is her one and only album in this whole book, that’s a big pity. I’m adding The Devil Gets His Due to the playlist.

I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night) by The Electric Prunes just listen to the opening track title track which is just really cool great garage rock cut. The rest isn’t that good, I’m sorry to say.

Are You Experienced by The Jimi Hendrix Experience I think my fave track is Manic Depression from this album and Little Wing from the one above, if you wanna know? You’ve already read a little above kind-of why I have something else in that playlist.

Sunshine Superman by Donovan is pretty much stoned and wasted hippies dancing around in flowers. I’m adding Three Kingfishers to my playlist, that’s kind-of where these newly added songs start.

I’m A Lonesome Fugitive by Merle Haggard C&W legend is once again, the one and only album by Haggard too in this huge book. I’m adding Drink Up and Be Somebody song because it’s the total opposite to what people say and do these days.

Something Else By The Kinks it’s got big hit Waterloo Sunset on it but I’ve added Funny Face song as my fave/pick into my playlist. Highly reco album today, if you’ve never listen to them or something?

Surrealistic Pillow by Jefferson Airplane so their White Rabbit song was already on my little playlist as track number six. The whole album is all very peace loving hippies tripping on acid dancing with flowers type of thing just like White Rabbit song, I don’t know if anyone needs/must listen to the whole album of it unless are you are doing that? But what do I know?

Groovin’ by The Young Rascals the book tells this band once supported The Beatles earlier America tour but who cares about that? I’ve hit my fuckin’ hippie limit already, I can’t find anything good about it and will not say anymore before I start swearing. Worst album in the book from this year.

Younger Than Yesterday by The Byrds I’ve never enjoy them because they’re even more fuckin’ hippies so I’ve already say that, haven’t I? Does have a Dylan cover on it but I never understood why bands like these were seen at the time better than the man himself? I guess, this sound is more mainstream radio playable or something? John Wesley Harding is Dylan’s epic 1967 album which is NOT in this book.

Self-titled by The Doors playlist has People Are Strange from their second album Strange Days released the same year but that’s NOT in this book. No wonder old hippies bang on and on about The Doors, if these albums were just a small taste of what records you could buy in 1967? The Doors do have that same old hippie BS but somehow it’s not as shity bad or is it not as badly dated or something?

Self-titled by Francis Albert Sinatra & Antonio Carlos Jobim totally changing pace with this last of the three Frank gets in this book, the other two are 50’s so it’s his only 60’s album. It’s just filed under yet another bossa nova album in this book, I’ve listen more than a few already and just like all the hippie music today, I don’t like that style of music very much at all.

Self-tiled by The Velvet Underground & Nico for me, I think my top four mid to late 60’s albums would be something like: 1966’s Monks’ Black Monk Time, 1966’s The Seeds debut self-titled, VU’s 1968’s White Light/White Heat and fourth would be this album. Those four are all kind-of garage rock/prototype punk records, already got one song but I’m now adding I’ll Be Your Mirror to the playlist too.

Sell Out by The Who I’ve say it before, my fave song is Tattoo from this album. It’s got this pretend radio show/station to quote the book this album is “satirical take on relationship between music and advertising.” The fake ads by The Who themselves just give me the shits more than anything but is that the point?

The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn by Pink Floyd also a very longtime ago, I’d wrote a whole blog post about it which is linked here. I did read on someone else’s blog, who was that? If your reading this please do leave a reply, telling who you are? Blogger someone was saying it’s like the debut solo Syd Barrett album but just with all the members of Pink Floyd as his backing band which is a good way to describe the whole album. Anyway it’s easy my fave PF album of all-time and already on the playlist is the opening track Astronomy Domine.

Disraeli Gears by Cream second song is the very well-known Sunshine of Your Love which I’m going to be a bit boring and pick that for the playlist. My old man is a huge Eric Clapton fan so he terrorized his kids with all his albums, it’s been a while since listening but I’ve hear it all before.

Forever Changes by Love yeah, I’ve try these guys before but could never get into them in anyway, shape and form so it’s not happening again. Two albums released in 67 and this book has both so I’m be saying this again, very soon.

Goodbye And Hello by Tim Buckley is just Jeff Buckley’s old hippie father to me and once again try to get into him back in the 90’s, I guess? Nope again now.

Headquarters by The Monkees bloody hell, really? I’m calling it second worst album listed in this book from 1967, sorry any Monkees fans but not really sorry because I had to listen 14 tracks of this rubbish.

Triangle by The Beau Brummels no comment or you’ll get even more swear-words about hippies!

Self-titled by Moby Grape well, Cat Power on her Covers Record of the year 2000, covered the song Naked If I Want To so adding it to playlist because of that fact. It’s a bit of a mix bag of an album but enjoyed the more rocking cuts but can’t remember the names so I might listen to this one again sometime?

Da Capo by Love please re-read four/five albums above because nothing still hasn’t changed.

Safe As Milk by Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band OK, thank god for that! I did start to write a whole blog about this one album because I do really love it so much but haven’t post that! Very, very, very highly reco because Beefheart is a total wicked genius, opening song Sure Nuff ‘N’ Yes I Do was already on the playlist.

Buffalo Springfield Again by Buffalo Springfield is Neil Young and hippie mates before he goes solo, picking his Expecting To Fly for the playlist which easy is the best, in my opinion.

Electric Music For The Mind And Body by Country Joe & The Fish is just even more motherfuckin’ hippies!

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band by The Beatles well, I think the song A Day In The Life might be the best way finish that playlist now. You don’t need me to say/type anything more about it, right?

Chelsea Girl by Nico is her debut solo album, these couple of albums are her only ones included in this book. I’ll Keep It With Mine song which was written by Bob Dylan in 1964 but he never release his own version back then, was already on that playlist.

Beach Samba by Astrud Gilberto this book loves the bossa nova genre so much or is it down the editor Robert Dimery? Seems like a hell of a lot of it in it!

That’s 1967 done so I’ll post it tomorrow. Note to self or anyone still reading this very long post: why did I decided to do this? I have no clear memory of this, maybe it does say in my older blog posts? Sorry to anyone reading this very long blog post, if I personally don’t like your fave album above, after couple hippie records it was all downhill for me!

BTW the previous year 1966 playlist also been update to 50 tracks too, linked here if you want even more 60’s music? Yeah, I’ve done that year in 1001 albums book/list/post but can’t be bother to link that here. Is 50 songs a good number for each year in the 60’s? If anyone has a listen to the playlist please let me know what you think?

Might skip to the late 70’s sometime? For my next 1001 listening party so we’ll see how long that takes me, hopefully not 12 months or something?

What to say something about 1967? These albums? Or something else?

I’m picking The Velvet Underground & Nico as my fave album of 1967!

Cheers 🙂



  1. That would be my comment about Piper you’re referencing there. I’m reading through Inside Out the Mark Blake book on their history and it makes my conviction even stronger.

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    1. Hey Tony, sorry man forgetting that was you but yeah I guess, a book or a few have been written about it all now! I’ve always mean to read more about it so that one is good, great? 🙂


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    1. Oh right, thank you for the very nice offer but i have no idea who you are? What you are going to write? It’s just me and my blog! Posting stuff i love, you know? i guess, you can email me and let me know more about your ideas, if you what tooo?
      Cheers Brittney 🙂


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