Great Art: Marlene Dumas’ Famous People Portraits

So back to an artist who’s I’ve already posted before, back in January I’d posted her mid-80’s portraits of some what non-famous people. Today is my top five famous very well-known, famous peeps minus a couple which I think need a post all by them self’s. Here’s a link to that earlier post of her work but I might have to say I could be giving a very biased view of hers paintings because her portraits make up a very small part of it all. I will get around to posting my non-portraits painting at some stage, I promise!

From the top down is: Barack Obama, Osama Bin Laden, Andy Warhol, Amy Winehouse and Naomi Campbell. All are oil on canvas minus Barack which is watercolor and mixed medium on paper. I think, I’ve got her titles for each one below right? It covers the years 1995 to 2011, worth to note Obama was done year before he was president, Bin Laden was done the year he was kill, Warhol was off course long gone, Winehouse was done the year she died and Campell was done at the height of supermodels of the 90’s. Only two of the five are living famous people I’ve picked today!

Barack Obama, 2008
Osama, 2010
Andy Warhol See Through, 2002
Amy-Blue, 2011
Naomi, 1995

So seems poor old Amy missed out on my top 30 tracks of all-time of female artists list a few days ago. Here’s my fave of all her songs, the track title of her second and final album Back To Black of 2006. Edited video clip, if you don’t like dirty words:

Uncensored version:

Cheers 🙂


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