Just Jot It January: Revolt

1. take violent action against an established government or ruler.

Osama (2010) oil on canvas by Marlene Dumas

Sorry, to say and I know hate mail will follow but that’s face I think of when you get into the dictionary meaning of that word. Plus I wanted to use a Marlene Dumas painting on one of these posts since started doing them. But as with almost any revolt against a government they get their revenge and off course their get their man. So fair as fair, Marlene Dumas did also painted the man or president who did get him.

Barack Obama The times before the election (2008) Watercolor, pastel, graphite, ink, staples, and collage on paper
by Marlene Dumas

Anyway that’s all I’m really going to say about all that, made what you will of it? Some what all history now!

It’s a music blog, you know? So here’s what could be almost endless songs that fit in that word/meaning but I did limit myself to my five all-time faves, one track of each decade.

Revolution by X from 1979’s X-Aspirations album.

Children of the Revolution by Violent Femmes from 1986’s The Blind Leading The Naked album, original by T. Rex and written by Marc Bolan.

The Day After The Revolution by Pulp from 1998’s This Is Hardcore album.

Rebellion (Lies) by Arcade Fire 2004’s Funeral album.

Rebel Beat by Oh Mercy from 2012’s Deep Heat album.

So to finish to off today’s blog post is yet another form of revolt! A prison riot and off course forever the very best of these depicted in a movie is the great and the young Woody Harrison’s Micky Knox inciting a riot in Natural Born Killer film by the director Oliver Stone in the year 1994.

Thanks to Linda, Sandra picked to “Revolt!”

What’s your fave “Revolt” track/s? Please?

Cheers 🙂



    1. Oh yeah, number 9 or 1? But I guess both! I didn’t do the sixties decade above in my list so that’s a great one for that! Most likely more “Revolts” when on then than any other time too 🙂


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