Wicked Songs: Black Brown and Blue by James McCann

Just one old song today of mid-2000’s from an under-rated somewhat forgotten Aussie artist. He once was an very early member of the Aussie band called The Drones, you might remember them? Or notices I’ve blogged about them just a tiny little bit! This track Black Brown and Blue by James McCann from his wonderful album of 2006 entitled Where Was I Then and then reissued and re-titled Last Night I Met The Devil. This was his debut solo album had 11 track album. The Drones main man Gareth Liddiard is the album’s co-engineer & co-producer plus backing vox on Town’s Full Of Smoke, Heat Of The Belt and this one. Gaz also plays distorted guitar on Black Brown and Blue too.

OK, I lied I’m including his last album of 2017 entitled Gotta Lotta Move – Boom! by James McCann & the New Vindictives in full right now:

James with his guitar and gun!

Cheers 🙂



  1. P.S. during iso times i’ve been working on home recording project called SCAG and posting them on Soundcloud under JJ McCann/SCAG , i’m constantly updating songs and mixes , my drumming a little wobbly but enthusiastic !
    I’ve just put up a bunch of albums on jamesmccann.bandcamp , about to put up an album i recorded with another Drone Rui Periera.

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      1. All good William , i’ve always flown under the radar somewhat , pretty much everything i do comes out in Europe and not Australia these days , kinda ironic having more of a profile in the Basque Country than my home town Melbourne. Almost finished a new album with Rob Younger producing but Covid stopped that in its tracks. Working with Rob on a 3 tracks for a 7″ single , he sings them.
        On Bandcamp the album Gotta Lotta Move – Boom! has a bio attached , recently updated , have a wee look !

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      2. Oh right, i don’t know if i have helped anyone new on to your music with my little post? but i just like blogging stuff i dig and maybe, someone else out there might check it out? Gotta say it must be very wicked to have oversea fans? i guess, it would be pretty sweet to go over and play some shows/tour before all this C-19! that Rob Younger 7″ does sound very cool and i will have to keep an eye out for it! Oh yeah, you’ve update your Bandcamp with even more albums since the last time i look a couple of days ago, i will have to have listen very soon! Cheers James 🙂


    1. Oh right, i am not on Instagram yet but everyone else is so i might have to sign up or whatever sooner or later? Thanks again, for the the nice comments and all the music your uploading lately, got a lot of listening to do! Cheers James 🙂


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