Song of the Day: Able Hands by Sodastream

OK, here’s a nice mellow track for Sunday morning for you! Sodastream is NOT a bubble making drink thingy but an Australian music duo of Karl Smith and Pete Cohen. The song Able Hands is the opening song from their debut album Looks Like A Russian of year 2000. Is that a bit racist or something in 2019? Smith is the singer-songwriter who mainly plays acoustic guitar and Cohen player double bass sometimes using cello bow too. A lot of critics have compared them Nick Drake before so wouldn’t bother to do that today, OK?

They formed Sodastream in Perth, Western Australia in 1997 but by 2000 they moved to Melbourne, Victoria and they have at times since then tour Europe and the UK but never did the based themselves oversea like some Aussies bands do. After a few more albums they when into hiatus in the late 2000’s. Since then regrouped for one brand new album in 2017 but have gone quite again, here’s hoping they do another new one sooner or later? Their whole back catalog can be found on bandcamp website linked here. What else? I remember seeing them a lot back in the day, they were bloody great live act even if they didn’t do much on stage other than just cut sick and play their wicked epic music!


Sodastream in very late 90’s, it’s Pete (left) and Karl (right).

Cheers 🙂



  1. This actually made me smile for two reasons. Soda Stream reminds me of my 80’s childhood and going to the neighbours to have creamy soda that they make with the contraption at home. Are you knowing what I’m on about here LOL or are you too young for that?

    Also second reason – this reminds me a bit of a cross between Cat Stevens and Simon and Garfunkle in a good way. YAY. Sorry Ive neglected your blog posts lately I have been on Twitter a lot more than here recently, will catch up though. Hope you have a good Christmas

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    1. Sorry, i have no idea really about soda stream thingy and what they do? But yeah, the duo do have that throw-back hippies acoustic vibe to them and glad you enjoy them, whatever the reason/s! You really don’t have to look at all my blog posts, i most likely post way too many but letting you know now only planning a few more for this year and then giving it a break soon! Hope you have great, wonderful silly season too! Cheers 🙂

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      1. Oh well, you’ve talked me into it! i will try and keep my blog posting regular over xmas/new years time, try and post something tomorrow and try do something at least every couple of days or something, OK? 🙂


      2. i think at this point, if i stop i will most likely not start again! so it’s maybe a good idea just keep posting some song i dig every couple just to see if anyone will check it out or whatever? 🙂
        i don’t enjoy much about the silly season to tell the truth, it’s more a big headache that anything else really, if you’ll really like to know? maybe, shouldn’t say that! anyway are you doing anything fun, maybe going away somewhere nice or something, hope so! 🙂

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      3. I think the christmas break is a bit of a headache as well if I am being honest. I go from NZ to see my family who live in Australia but they have an assortment of problems that can make it really dramatic and a bit painful to be around them and so yeah I sort of enjoy seeing them and it also shits me to tears as well haha. I guess it is the same for most families though. I for one would be glad if you continued with your blog but whatever works. Hope you have some good times over Xmas, look forward to seeing you next cool music suggestions 🙂

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      4. Oh well, please do have a drink on me over xmas! Yeah, maybe don’t start about families! i guess, my blogging thing is just down to i like sharing mainly less well-known music and some like yourself check it out! maybe i might try some other things next year or sometime soon? Bring back art posts, did you enjoy those? i have kind-of gave-up the book blogging but you dig that 1001 book/list thingo i do, right? what else? everything else i do is music related! You blog about just about everything but i guess, that’s what works for you, as you were just say! 🙂

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