Great Art: Kate Breakey’s Hand Coloured Bird Photos of 2001

It’s Friday art gallery blog post at the end of this week because I missed the planned one last weekend. Maybe I should say never again say it’s going to be something on this or that day because something always happens so easily becomes some other day!

I’m staying in Australia from the last art post linked here. I’m picking one of my fave photographers today, after that photo-realism painter I blogged about a week and half ago. I figure should thrown in a photographer because I never ever have done that many in the past and have feature way too many painters. It’s a little more that just your normal photos, they’re taken as black and white which are printed on silver sheet gelatin sheets then hand coloured with oils and pencils.

The below five artworks are from series entitled Small Deaths of the year 2001 because all are, well are dead. In the very same set are also insets, flowers, reptiles etc. all are pretty small but they’re all large-scale artworks in real life, if you were standing in front of them? Linking the artist’s website and more from this set here. I’ve only included five and all are the bird ones, these also are some of my fave Aussie birds today! They is also a great book published on this series which is just titled Small Death too put-out by University of Texas Press linked here. The artworks titles are written straight on them,  that’s the white small hand-written at the bottom on the artworks which you can’t really make out on the images I’ve uploaded, is the scientific name followed by the common name, I’ve skipped the scientific name below, sorry. The artist Kate Breakey is a living artist who was born on August 14, 1957 in Port Lincoln, South Australia, aged 63 years and this the very first time on my blog but most likely I will feature her again. Please do follow those links, if you’ll like to check out some more right now?

I think, I really going to focus a bit more on some more Aussie visual artists because in the past art gallery posts I’ve had more oversea visual artists. Seems I have way more Aussie musos normally on my blog, let’s see if I can even up the visual side up now?

Goldfinch, 2001
Galah, 2001
Australian Magpie, 2001
Australian Pink-Eared Duck, 2001
Little Penguin, 2001

Random song of the day today is The Bird Song by King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard. Seems I picked all those bird artworks just above, someone has made a very cool fan video clip:

Cheers! 🙂



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