Playlist: Editing jjj’s Hottest 100 of 2000

So kind-of following yesterday’s post, it’s flashback to 20 years ago today. This really is going be very biased post today because I’m culling down 100 songs down to my all-time top 15 tracks from the year 2000 that did appeared in triple j’s Hottest 100 way back then! These are my own favorites and wanted just listen toooo, when seen their sister radio station double j is playing it all again in full. Sorry, if your own faves isn’t below because it’s mine, you know and does anyone out there agree with me? Some other pretty good, OK, not bad and then fucking terrible songs made the original countdown but here and now on my little blog I can kind-of re-write it all the way I like it! So here’s what I rate the highest or better into simple and wicked top 15, embedding some of the video clips or the full length album songs with my two cents comments about each song:

15. Rage Against the MachineRenegades of Funk was number 95, the first track entering this countdown by them so couple of other tracks were much higher but this is my own fave of these guys around this time, I’m kicking off with it:

14. PJ HarveyGood Fortune only made it to number bloody 90 which just totally proves jjj listeners don’t know nothing!

13. SlipknotWait and Bleed was somehow at number 75, what the motherfuckin’ hell jjj listeners!

12. Tex PerkinsI Know Y’Know I Know did make in at number 72 but I’ve just gotta have so much higher, I’m going say that a lot more:

11. Fiona AppleFast as You Can was at number 62, once again jjj listeners are shitheads for putting this so far up:

10. The FauvesGive Up Your Day Job is rounding out my top 10 but originally was number 58 but so much better track than a lot of the rubbish jjj plays:

9. Dandy WarholsGet Off was number 49 but is my all-time fave DW song! Bohemian Like You was at number 10 but I’ll pick this one over that one everyday of the week:

8. MolokoThe Time Is Now is amazing song but only hit number 45 but I think, love it even more now than back then, you know?

7.  RadioheadEverything in Its Right Place for some dumb reason this was at number 42, really are all jjj listeners fuckheads?

6. A Perfect CircleJudith did end up at number 34 but is my top oversea act so would rate it as my own number 6 of this year:

5. You Am IDamage was at number 23 but this beautiful track needs to much higher in my opinion so changing it to my number five:

4. Magic DirtDirty Jeans did end up just outside of their top 10 at number 12 but I’m changing it to my four now, OK?

3. Paul KellyEvery Fucking City was number 9 and I think, it’s still PK highest song ever in any Hottest 100 but has to be my number three of 2000:

2. The AvalanchesFrontier Psychiatrist was number 6 but I love it to death so easy has to be my own number two:

  1. PowderfingerMy Kind of Scene was number 3 my own top track but I still think, this is a better song that the one that ended up winning overall. If you’ve forgotten Powderfinger won the very top spot with My Happiness but here’s My Kind of Scene instead:

That’s is so much shorter, what do you think? Sorry, about all the swearing name calling at jjj listeners they’re really not that bad! That’s seven Aussie acts’ tracks with five America and three English. If you need reminding of what did actually made it way back then into their countdown, here’s the full list linked here. Like I did say they’re playing it all again sometime? But I forget when that was now? Off course, some great songs didn’t even make it back then and it really wasn’t also that long ago I’d posted something else about the year 2000 music but hopefully not repeating too much? Oh well, if I did but because I’ve done this whole post already! Hope you did enjoy all, some or just one of the song/s if you had a listen? Do please tell me what’s your own fave song/s of year 2000 tooo?

It was red cars 3 j’s were into back then!

Cheers! 🙂


  1. Alas, I was really out of it, music-wise, in 2000. I’m not familiar with any of these songs, other than ‘Renegades of Funk’, which I only first heard a few years ago. I’m old, and when music underwent a seismic shift in the early 90s with the emergence of rap, hip hop and grunge, I pretty much closed my mind and hated most music. I didn’t pull my head out of my ass and open my mind and ears to different kinds of music until around 2013, so have had a lot of catching up to do!

    Since you asked, my 5 favorite songs from 2000 (all pretty mainstream rock or pop-rock) are:
    1. Bent – matchbox twenty
    2. Kryptonite – 3 Doors Down
    3. Everything You Want – Vertical Horizon
    4. Brand New Day – Sting
    5. Pardon Me – Incubus

    I listened to your 15 songs, and really like My Kind of Scene, Frontier Psychiatrist, Damage, Everything In Its Right Place, Get Off and Good Fortune.

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    1. Oh yeah and i think, you’ve told me before about you being out of any kind-of new music back then sometime? seems you gave me a top five i will check them out next! after listening to some of yesterday’s hottest 100 because i totally missed it then! i guess, after like the top five songs, it’s really not my thing and don’t know why i bother so maybe that should be the last year voting for me? So glad you dug six of the songs i listed above! Cheers again and again mate! 🙂

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