Playlist: HTRK’s Nigel Top 10 of 2020

Following yesterday’s post here’s even more recommends from HTRK members, if you don’t know? They’re only a duo act so this is it from them! I think, last year I borrowed both of these couple of lists but put them into just one post but I’m giving them both a post each this year! Some doubles for Jonnine list I re-posted yesterday, well it’s half of them but do enjoy it all again because they both have such great taste in music!

To start with some of their own music, HTRK put up some great rarer older stuff on their bandcamp profile so the last one to be added very late last year they put up the soundtrack instrumental album Over The Rainbow of 2019. Have a listen if you’ve never heard it before?

  1. DJ PythonMas Amable
  2. Pontiac StreatorTriz
  3. Blazer Sound SystemYouth
  4. CS + Kremehowwouldyoufeelwithoutthatthough
  5. Madalyn MerkeyOranges
  6. Perilatracking stones within four walls / air of spring in lungs
  7. AIR KrewDiscuss and come back
  8. Space Afrikahybtwibt?
  9. Cath and Phil TylerTo the Dust EP (just linking the song Old Churchyard because that’s all I can find and soundcloud doesn’t seem to want be embedded for some unknown reason?)
  10. CryptobitchCryptobitch

Well, what do you think? Did you check any out or what? I think, that’s even more chili out vibes than yesterday’s post with Jonnine Standish picks. I think, my fave of all these would be Oranges by Madalyn Merkey, number five above. Maybe, should put them both together because of all the repeats but did listen to them at least twice, so far! One more 2020 list this week sometime by someone else, which artist can it be?

It’s a really close-up of NY!

Cheers! 🙂


  1. Once again, William, you’ve given us a lot of music to listen to! I gave some a listen, and they’re definitely contemplative and chill. I see/hear that they’re all instrumentals. I like “Oranges” too, and also the music of Pontiac Streator and AIR Krew.

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    1. oh yeah and sorry, if that’s a bad thing? tooo much music is always a good thing, right? so glad you dug some you listen tooo because i pretty much liked it all myself so i guess, that’s why posting it all! Cheers mate 🙂

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