Year Review + Playlist: 2015

I’ve only just started this thingy here early this month but it’s almost the end of the year now and everyone else are starting to pick fave albums, reissues, soundtracks, books, songs etc. of this year. I might as well too so without stuffin’ around here goes!

My top album has to be, drumroll please:

Universal Themes by Sun Kil Moon

This is the most perfect album of this year with no questions marks? Well that’s just my opinion, if I was doing this last year I would have named Benji or Swans’ To Be Kind and in 2013 Perils From The Sea would have to have an arm wrestle with The Drones’ I See Seaweed so I could/should say that’s three years in a row but because I wasn’t actually doing this thingy here does that matter! Anyway my point is his last three albums in three years are as great or greater than anything else going at the moment, he’s head and shoulders above everything else right now, this year and yet another album coming early next year too.

He’s on a bit of a role musically but off course my guess is that most of the top albums lists in the press or even things like this, blogs etc. might and will leave this album off or just put it really low because the media and everyone has pretty much decided that he shouldn’t behave the way he does so his music has to be judged differently because of it. Artists have always been difficult some way or another, I just hate it now anyone’s got to be so “nice” to everyone else or something. It’s like no artist/musician can’t make a joke without asking all music journalists in the world first, they forget pretty much they’re bitching and moaning about everyone’s art/music by taking up that job and being pay to write this crap in the first place then when a artist/musician questions them on live on stage, oh my god it’s like the end of the world for them and they make it into to a bigger deal by shitting on and on about it. Just lean to stop worry and love the bomb, it’s like he’s a stand-up comedian in between songs at his shows and sometimes it goes into songs too. But you notices none of them really released on any albums it’s just on the internet which is where all journalists hang out now anyway so he’s just using the choice of medium. You could say anyone one can use it now like me here, everyone can have there two cents, mad rants and whatever, Mark’s just throwing it back in your faces because he can now too.

I love this album so much , it’s so beautiful. With only 8 songs on it has to be the lest number of songs on any of his albums but almost filling up the length of a CD they’re all very long tracks. From beginning to the end it’s just amazing music and the lyrics are unbelievable. I think will write about it more in my posts under the title Classic Albums because this post is already got pretty long and I still got other stuff to write about. I’ve got a bit of a list now of what records I’m going to write about in my Classic Albums posts too so I just do that.

Runner-ups or/and the rest are, these are not number or anything in anyway, I don’t think I want to rated something better than something else I don’t like award shows and the end of year lists in the media that count down and/or number everything. But I do know I’ve listen to Sun Kil Moon’s more than everything else so that does get the top spot. If there is an order below it’s of release date maybe, most likely it’s the order I got them but I don’t know, should just say it’s just totally random order from now:

Sub-Lingual Tablet by The Fall

 Sometimes I Sit and Think And Sometimes I Just Sit by Courtney Barnett

Honeymoon by Lana Del Rey

Have You in My Wilderness by Julia Holter

The Most Lamentable Tragedy by Titus Andronicus

Eternal Return by Sarah Blasko

Leisure Panic by Dan Kelly

Severe by My Disco

Vulnicura by Björk

Reissues of the year are:

Filth by Swans

both Wait Long by The River And The Bodies of Your Enemies Will Float By and Here Come The Lies by The Drones

SuperGalactaphonic by Tumbleweed

Soundtracks of the year are:

True Detective by Various Artists

Far From Men by Nick Cave & Warren Ellis

Last Cab To Darwin by Ed Kuepper

Music books of the year are:

The Sick Bag Song by Nick Cave

Girl In A Band by Kim Gordon

M Train by Patti Smith

Songs/EPs (non-albums tracks) of the year are:

I Don’t Want To Let You Down by Sharon Van Etten

Taman Shud by The Drones

The Ottawa Bluesfest Song by Sun Kil Moon

Well this is just turn into one big long list but I think I could go into a bit more details about them and why these ones but briefly: I purchased those 10 albums, those reissues, soundtracks and books, got that EP from Shazza, The Drones track is going to be on the new album coming out  early next year which I can’t wait for. The Ottawa Bluesfest Song is so great and funny so I have made a playlist below with just 15 tracks but it’s a bit over a hour but it don’t have to be any longer than that anyway it’s the last song because I wanted to have a Sun Kil Moon sandwich:

 One song each from those albums above but no new The Fall is on Spotify, I’ve not included any of those reissues because it’s old stuff anyway and no books off course because you have to read them. I know it’s only just the end of the November but nothing is ever released in December, we all have wait for the start of next year now. They’re some good ones already on my waiting list ready like Sun Kil Moon/Jesu, The Drones, PVT and Swans. Overall this year 2015 has been pretty great musically.


Sun Kil Moon’s Mark win my album of the year!

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