New Music: Nerissimo by Teho Teardo & Blixa Bargeld

Right, I really just have to finish writing something about this new album, it’s been out for awhile now, it was released in late April and now it’s late June but it’s taken awhile to get to Australia plus I need sometime to listen to it before writing about it too but I’ve have been a bit lazy really. I’ve already posted about this album but that was about when I just knew it was going to be released which does seem to be a bit of a popular post, amazingly. I pre-order it from Neubauten’s website, I also got some old 80’s albums reissues of Einstürzende Neubauten which I might to have write another post about sometime soon too. So what can I write about it after listen to it a lot?


Teho Teardo & Blixa Bargeld‘s Nerissimo is totally amazing and fucking wicked is the very, very, very brief some-up. Buy it yourself if you are a fan, you will not be disappointed. It already is better than Still Smiling, the debut album by both of them which before hearing Nerissimo I didn’t think was possible because I love that album so much. Over the very small time that I’ve had it, it’s taken over my music listening and even it’s only June it would be the album of the year for me. Which does mean it’s a better album than The Drones and Jesu/Sun Kil Moon albums but they’re few others out soonish or out now but I’m yet to review them here, is this a review? But I’ll write some more posts about those that are out hopefully before the end of the month but we will see about that? Really this is the album I’m enjoying the most. Right now it’s the best album so far, I’ll say it’s even better than Lament by Einstürzende Neubauten even if the band says it wasn’t a real album. Nerissimo that’s great, well I think it is, it really does tick all the boxes or it’s alot more than I was hoping for, it’s totally perfect Blixa album and Teho and him work so great together.

That’s track five, midway point on this album. The Beast is what the song is called, it does feels a bit of context without the songs before or after it but it’s one of the two video clips. I love how it’s the album cover but it’s now moving, singing and playing, the art work is just come to life. It’s one of the ten great moments on the album so I should say all moments are the ten tracks across the album. It’s an epic album, this is the kind-off album I’ve wanted Blixa Bargeld to make in a longtime.

So back to first song which the title track and which the lyrics are a kind-off a throw back and/or sequel to Sabrina, an EN’s 2000’s song from the album Silence Is Sexy, the opening track from that album too, that has the words “It is that Black, I wish this would your colour” Nerissimo is Italian for dark or black, Blixa is from Germany but Teho is the Italian and the closing track is sung in that language, the opening song is in English with the lyrics “My voice doesn’t seem to have a color but if I sing without a color” it’s more like the idea started with that song I guess but doing much more with it, which is saying alot because I would rate Silence Is Sexy album as one of my fave later EN’s album.

The music on all the tracks have strings eg cello, violin, viola which always for me makes things so much more beautiful. By adding the strings it gives it a classical or soundtrack feel, or just makes everything so much more bigger but big is such a small word really, need to use another word but can’t think of one. Also the saw is played on the song The Beast too, more albums should feature it really, such a wonderful sound. All the other instruments are played by Teardo or Bargeld, really it’s a long list for both too.

As for lyics sung by Blixa we have English, German and Italian over the ten songs on the album.Yet another one of the highlights is a track called Ulgae, for me is so amazing, it’s sub-titled in the booklet (A Micro-Biological Opera) but I’m not going to spoiled it anymore so you got to hear it. The Empty Boat is written by Caetano Veloso which the other video above which is just before The Beast on the album so I have it in the wrong order here. Oh well, you can’t have everything can you?

It was recorded in both Berlin and Rome, each party’s traveling to each other’s home town. Also all these recordings taken place in the middle of the night in both of  these cities and does set the tone across this album, it’s better when you listen to it in the middle of the night too but I have listen to in the daytime. I’ll say this is the first five out of five, ten out of ten, hundred out of hundred album of this year, so far. I can’t find nothing wrong with it, it’s totally perfect album in my eyes.

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