New Music: Before The Dawn by Kate Bush

Well, I think this a good Sunday morning post this week, quite a bit of Kate Bush. Now I totally love her, one of greats of all-time so it might be a little biased about it. I’ve already done my fave song and my fave album on this blog of mine by Kate Bush but here’s yet another belated write-up but not review about the epic live album she released late last year. Both those two previous posts related heavy to this newish album, maybe it’s yet again not really new music because it’s a triple live album recorded over two years ago now. The 29 song set list is here of those 22 date shows of her live comeback after 35 years, the last time before this she last on stage was like the 70’s or 80’s, unbelievable.

Some did say the songs were obscure because basically it’s missing some big hits but if you’re any kind-of fan you’ll know these songs. I love the fact she did The Ninth Waves songs from the second side of Hounds Of Love album and then A Sky Of Honey from the second side of Aerial album plus the opening few tracks are great picks and closing couple of songs are truthly great too. It’s a perfect set list, it’s totally a band setlist she wanted too. I read her one and only print press interview a little while ago and I do think some have misunderstand what she was up in these shows and now live album. It was never going to be a tour or anything like that, it’s suppose to be more theatre than a gig or anything really. No plans for a DVD too because as Kate herself points out in the magazine that’s not theatre, it’s wouldn’t work like that. Almost all reviews seem to miss that point complain it’s not on DVD too, they say something like why are we only just listening to it because I want to see it. But as the old saying goes it’s just not theatre, oh no the saying is it’s just not cricket.

That interview did give me more understanding what she wanted to do, she doesn’t do much press/media if you don’t know. She made it pretty clear they’re are no secrets in music industry anymore but she refused to say what or which recordings of the 22 nights was used for this live album, somewhat leaving a little mystery about it maybe? I guess the other main thing I did learn was it was her son was sixteen then so she wanted to give him a theatre experience, every other mother would just take their son to the watch a show but it’s Kate so she just puts on a whole show, lucky bugger. Oh god, it would be amazing having Kate Bush as your mother wouldn’t it?

Off course I totally missed seeing the live show, living on the other side of the earth and didn’t have the money but I would if I was a millionaire or something. The three discs does do perfect justice but maybe it would be different if you did see it too. After thirty plus years of no live gigs/shows it’s amazing she even did it the first place so to me it’s totally amazing listening and I’ve got nothing to complain about. If you’re a fan of her’s you would already have this so I’m really don’t know why I write about any newish albums because I’m always so late about it too. Anyway buy it if you haven’t yet, it’s fuckin’ great live album!




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