Just Jot it January: Memories

I’m very and totally “Aggravate” (~ Fandango) by this down right serious but silly “Ultimatum” (~ Itinerary Planner) of those last two prompts so I’ve just gone back to an older one again today and these “Memories” (~ Cage Dunn) for my now second Tuesday post.

Now does this make any sense at all to anyone? Or does it just sound like insane? Those are a couple of prompts in those “Thingys” what are they called again? Then the blogs are in the (Brackets) joined by the squiggly line ~ understand or not? Anyway I can’t think of anything to say about the last two prompts so basically I’m skipping them or counting the above line of gibber as them and now just I’ve got to another older one I’ve missed: Memories!

Memories are funny things really what pops into my head this morning writing this is the 1997 Lost Highway film by David Lynch, yet again I know? Now I can’t find it on YouTube but the scene goes like this with Ed who’s a police defective asking questions to Renee and Fred Madison who’s just got a videotape of themselves:

Ed: Do you own a video camera?

Renee Madison: No. Fred hates them.

Fred Madison: I like to remember things my own way.

Ed: What do you mean by that?

Fred Madison: How I remembered them. Not necessarily the way they happened.

I love Fred’s answers, it’s total brilliant but is remembered the same as memories? I’m going with closest as it’s going to get. If your not seen Lost Highway or if you have you’ll know it’s stars Bill Pullman as Fred and Patricia Arquette as Renee and got to be one of my fave 90’s movies ever but my sister remembered after me seeing for the very first on the big screen back then, which I don’t remember doing now. She was saying this when we where talking about Lynch a little while ago mainly about Twin Peaks anyway when I saw Lost Highway at the late night midnight screening and told her the next day it’s great but it totally freak me out and the cinema was just down the road which walked too then on the way home, I hide behind bushes, walls, anything etc. every-time a car drove past me!

So I guess that’s fave “Memories” movies scene and as I’ve been doing in the last few post under these titles here’s some songs now to listen to because it’s a music blog, you know?

The first is Leonard Cohen‘s Memories (1977)

The second is Aussies The Blackeyed Susans doing a Cohen cover (1993)

The third is The Saints‘ Memories Are Made Of This (1978)

Then fourth is Ed Kuepper solo doing a wicked cool version of that same song (2000)

Then Fifth is Public Image Ltd.‘s Memories (1979)

Sixth and finally off course is Elvis Presley‘s Memories (1968)

Now naming a fave “Memories” painting I love is little tricky but I’ll get around this by picking Peach Tree in Bloom (In Memory of Mauve) by Vincent van Gogh, 1888.


Once again JustJotJan is blogger community thingy by Linda viva today’s prompt of “Memories” by Cage Dunn.

Have to ask, you got any “Memories” song/s yourself you’ll like to share with me?

Cheers 🙂


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