Great Art: William S. Burroughs’ Shotgun Paintings of 80’s

So Burroughs was really an author and writer but he did do some bloody great paintings with his shotgun, yeah a shotgun! After my art blog post the other day so just to prove art or that’s abstract art can do almost anything and nothing is too far, OK? All I can say is just please open your mind as the viewer of the paintings or artworks to what is possible in the creative process and off course, the final paintings hanging on the wall or I guess my exhibition on my blog post today!

I don’t know, if whoever you are reading this don’t knows even know who Burroughs is? You could just be say to yourself “who is this bloke? It’s just bits of woods with holes blow into them, that’s not art!” Well, I guess you could be right but your wrong and do feel a bit sorry for you, first you should just read some Burroughs and second it is great pure crazy artwork and is total genius paintings. WSB was an American born in 1914 and died in 1997, lived a lot of his life overseas in different places before returning home later in his life, his two notable novels were Naked Lunch (1959), Junkie (1953) and I could go on and on but will leave it at that.

These half a dozen of his shotgun paintings, a couple with Burroughs standing in front of them but all paintings below are on plywood, three have acrylic paint, photo-mechanical prints and Wood Spirits does have India ink pattern painted on the kind-of background too. These are just few and at one point or shows they were hung in a gallery so you could see both side but below is just the so-called fronts.

Sore Shoulder, 1982
Wood Spirits, 1987 
Screaming Ghost, 1982
Mink Mutiny, 1987
Burroughs with two more paintings and his paint brush at a London exhibition then!

Today’s song continues the theme of William shooting things but this time he’s just shooting words in Ministry’s Just One Fix track/video of 1992 from the album entitled Psalm 69, do I need to say anymore?

Cheers 🙂



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