Song of the Day: Airmale by Yoko Ono

As Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore once sung “Bow down to the queen of noise” today!

Airmale is ten mins and forty secs. long of wicked crazy experimental music from her double album of 1971 entitled Fly. That album is on Bandcamp, you know? Linked here but for some reason you can’t embedded it? I whole heartily love her but understand she’s not for everyone to say the least! At the very top of the post I’m quoting Moore’s solo song entitled Ono Soul of 1995 from his album called Psychic Hearts. But also I remember back in the mid-90’s another one of my fave male singer Mike Patton of Faith No More guest programming Rage the Aussie video clip TV show picking Ono’s track called Why? Reading some interview where he was raving on about how great she is! I guess, those would be couple of reasons for getting into her music, if you wanna know? I would say the Fly album is my fave by her so if you have time? Or you’ve not checked her out yet or something? Please have a listen this Saturday or maybe this weekend? She really does always makes me so happy/smile while listening to her!

So I know I did say the Air… something song titles was done in my SOTD posts last month but it’s NOT! Changing my mind and adding one more today, OK? I’m sending Yoko some love via this blog post today because I’ve heard she’s not very well lately!

A couple of art genius: Yoko Ono (right) and Andy Warhol in the 1970’s, finger-pointing at the camera!

Cheers! 🙂



  1. Her Bandcamp album cannot be embedded because she doesn’t allow the songs to be streamed. You’ll have to purchase in order to hear them. So, I went to Spotify and listened to some of it there.

    With all due respect, while I acknowledge that her unorthodox music was totally original and groundbreaking, I just cannot bear the sound of her vocals, which are like nails on a chalk board to me. Back in 1971 while still a teenager, I liked “Cold Turkey” by the Plastic Ono Band, so I bought the 45 single. The B-side was Yoko’s “Don’t Worry Kyoko (Mummy’s Only Looking for a Hand in the Snow”. I was horrified when I played it, and thought it was the absolute worst song I’d ever heard. I still think it’s awful.

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    1. Oh yeah, well i totally lovvvvvve Don’t Worry song too, if i got Cold Turkey 7″ in the 70’s which by the way i think is just an OK rock track but flip it to find Don’t Worry, i would be playing the b-side non-stop! Maybe, this is were mine and your music taste is so very diff? i think, you told me how much you dislike Yoko last time when i posted her last year sometime but thanks for sharing your funny story on discovering her music, sorry to say it’s funny because you think it’s awful! Also thanks for pointing about her Bandcamp, maybe seem you’re such a big fan i would think you’ll just buy her music again? that’s a joke, sorry man! But cool you had another listen to her again 🙂
      Anyway cheers mate and have a great day 🙂

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  2. Bought, by accident, the Yoko Ono “Plastic Ono Band” album, within a year of its release. Thankfully, the very cool record shop owners warned me that I might not like it, but took it home anyway, and gave it a week of listens. Loved the music, but had trouble with her voice. Took it back, and since I was a regular, they allowed me to exchange it for John’s lp….. skip ahead about 10 years, and I heard the track “Why?” again, and thought, “I know that song! Damn, it’s good!”….. Well, it would take another 5 or 6 years before I was able to track down a used copy of that album again [at a non-collectors’ price]. Was I ever glad I did. Went on a binge for a few years, tracking down many of her albums, but, in the end, “Fly” was the only other one that truly grabbed my complete attention [I have a sneaking suspicion that the Cocteau’s members gave it quite a few spins, at one time]…. Anyway, I would be fortunate enough to catch her “Peace” tour, which was short, but had some fine moments, and then, a few years later, she appeared with her son Sean, in a much, much smaller venue, and it was a whole lot better, if, again, short [considering her age, it was a revelation that she could still belt it out, when needed]. One of a kind, and far too often criticized by those who don’t really “give it a chance”…. anyway, that’s my 2 cents’ worth! Thanks again for a nice jolt to the memory, and here’s hoping that she makes the next, eventual, step, in the peace that she always tried to make others see, was possible [if we want it].

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