Playlist: Yearly 1993 list

It’s totally mind-blowing amazing shit is happening today on my little blog because I’m finally posting something else, NOT new stuff or that 30 day because I’ve finally done the next 90’s playlists! I really should be asking, does anyone remember me doing or revising them? The last one I posted here it seems was all the way back in Dec. last year so that’s a very, very, very, very long time gone. Anyway for your Sunday morning it’s 110 tracks from 1993 as selected by me, if you want/need something to listen today or sometime? Sorry, being a slack-ass blogger lately but I’m trying to get back into it a bit more now, hopefully? Really this could be called totally lazy blogging because I’m just editing/updating very old YouTube playlists which I’ve posted them all before here but that was even more long ago!

If you don’t remember because I myself didn’t, it seem I’d started my own kind-of award show in these posts last year for each of the years posted. So was naming a couple of my fave/the best albums with one Aussie and then one from somewhere overseas plus the very best/my fave video clip so here what I’ve picked for 1993:

The video of this year is: Blume by Einstürzende Neubauten

Aussie album of the year was: Sad But Ture by Tex, Don & Charlie

Overseas album of this year is: Last Splash by The Breeders

So what would be your most fave videos and/or albums of 93, please do tell? If you’ve like toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

A reminded how or why? God knows really but I’d re-ordered with all the Aussie acts starting with then a few Kiwi acts which this time around on today’s playlist is adding up to around 36-7. I’m somehow kind-of counting EN because that’s the late great Anita Lane who passed away last year singing that song’s main vox or is the female vocal at least on this English version, they had a Japanese and German versions tooo, you know? But that wasn’t Lane in that video clip anyway I guess, one of the main thing was putting my very fave video clip or moving it to the very top of these playlists. All those ones I posted last year had Aussies starting them but I can’t help myself putting Neubauten and Anita first. So that means I’m now I’m breaking my own rule while kick starting these yearly thingos again in 2022. They’re really a German band if you don’t know them? I guess, Lane is an Australian singing so that’s how I’m justifying that but off course, I know I’m NOT doing it very well. I don’t know if anyone else really care what the hell I do here on my blog? Anyway after those Germans opening this year playlist then it’s Aussies/Kiwis and then rest of world acts follows at song number 38 with The Breeders. I don’t know really remember why the Australian was starting the whole thing, I guess I did have some kind-of reason but I’ve forgotten. Also for some reason I’ve been trying to put all the cover songs together plus for some reason the very few rappers are grouped together, go figure! Mainly it’s almost all bloody lot of Indie Rock style and should I say it’s NOT really numbered or anything like that but hopefully just has a good nice flow to it, that’s very entertaining? I do hope you enjoy it, if you press play?

Here’s the full playlist track listing of 1993’s 110 songs or should be as follows:

  • Einstürzende Neubauten – Blume (English Version)
  • Tex, Don & Charlie – Sitting In A Bar
  • David McComb – Setting You Free
  • The Blackeyed Susans ‎– A Curse On You
  • Spiderbait ‎– Ol’ Man Sam
  • The Meanies – Cruelty’s Fun
  • Tumbleweed – Sundial
  • Hard-Ons – Crazy Crazy Eyes
  • Magic Dirt – Redhead
  • Crow – Railhead
  • Hoss – The Tiredest Man Awake
  • Maurice Frawley – Cool Water
  • Ed Kuepper – This Hideous Place
  • The Fauves – Orgamosarion
  • Deborah Conway – Today I Am A Daisy
  • Died Pretty – Harness Up
  • Fireballs – Big Black Hearse
  • Cosmic Psychos – Rain Gauge
  • Asteroid B-612 – Gasoline
  • Screamfeeder – Fingers & Toes
  • Box The Jesuit – You’ve Got To Know Your Limitations
  • Smudge – Superhero
  • Kim Salmon & The Surrealists – Rose Coloured Windscreen
  • Beasts Of Bourbon – Junkie Girlfriends
  • The Cruel Sea – Black Stick
  • Dave Graney ‘N’ The Coral Snakes – Night Of The Wolverine 1
  • Kev Carmody & The Tiddas – On The Wire
  • Archie Roach – Walking Into Doors
  • Yothu Yindi ‎– Timeless Land
  • Hunters & Collectors – Holy Grail
  • You Am I – Berlin Chair
  • Anita Lane – Jesus Almost Got Me
  • Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Plain Gold Ring (Live)
  • Shihad – I Only Said
  • Supergroove – Scorpio Girls
  • The 3Ds – Hey Seuss
  • Bailter Space – X
  • The Breeders – Cannonball
  • Sepultura – Slave New World
  • Carcass – Heartwork
  • Paw – Jessie
  • Bad Religion – American Jesus
  • Archers Of Loaf – Web In Front
  • Built To Spill – Nowhere Nothin’ Fuckup
  • PJ Harvey – Legs
  • Mercury Rev – Something For Joey
  • Suede – Animal Nitrate
  • Morphine – Thursday
  • Primus – Mr. Krinkle
  • Faith No More & Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E. – Another Body Murdered
  • Wu-Tang Clan – Method Man
  • Cypress Hill – Insane In The Brain
  • Biz Markie – Let Me Turn You On
  • Snoop Doggy Dogg – Who Am I (What’s My Name?)
  • Teenage Fanclub & De La Soul – Fallin’
  • Kate Bush – Rubberband Girl
  • Palace Brothers – (I Was Drunk At The) Pulpit
  • Emmylou Harris – Ballad Of A Runaway Horse
  • Red House Painters – Mistress
  • The Cranberries – Linger
  • Urge Overkill – Sister Havana
  • Babes In Toyland – He’s My Thing
  • TAD – Grease Box
  • Melvins – Lizzy
  • The Cramps – Ultra Twist
  • Bikini Kill – Rebel Girl
  • The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Afro
  • The Smashing Pumpkins – Today
  • Pearl Jam- Rearviewmirror
  • Nirvana – Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle
  • Radiohead – Creep
  • Dinosaur Jr. – Goin’ Home
  • American Music Club – Johnny Mathis’ Feet
  • Aimee Mann – I’ve Had It
  • Belly – Feed The Tree
  • Superchunk – I Guess I Remembered It Wrong
  • Quicksand – Fazer
  • Liz Phair – Never Said
  • Buffalo Tom – Soda Jerk
  • Stone Temple Pilots – Plush
  • Ween – Push The Little Daisies Up
  • The Flaming Lips – She Don’t Use Jelly
  • Butthole Surfers – Who Was In My Room Last Night?
  • The Fall – Why Are People Grudgeful?
  • Revolting Cocks – Da Ya Think I’m Sexy?
  • Mudhoney – We Had Love
  • Jeff Buckley – The Way Young Lovers Do (Live)
  • Guns N’ Roses – Since I Don’t Have You
  • Bob Dylan – Blood In My Eyes
  • Anthrax – Black Lodge
  • U2 – Daddy’s Gonna Pay For Your Crashed Car
  • Luna – Slide
  • Palace Brothers – Come In
  • The Juliana Hatfield Three – My Sister
  • Blur – When The Cows Come Home
  • Redd Kross – Lady In The Front Row
  • The Jesus Lizard – Puss
  • Tool – Prison Sex
  • Iggy Pop – Wild America
  • Frank Black – Los Angeles
  • Earth – Seven Angels
  • Depeche Mode – In Your Room
  • Mark Snow – X-Files Theme
  • Blind Melon – No Rain
  • Prince – Peach
  • Madonna – Bye Bye Baby
  • Frank Sinatra & Bono – I’ve Got You Under My Skin
  • Sonic Youth & Cypress Hill – I Love You Mary Jane
  • Porno For Pyros – Cursed Female
  • Björk – Violently Happy

Giving you links to all the all ones I’d updated so far: 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998 and 1999. Just in case you missed them then or wanna check them out again or whatever? I’ve been listening those older ones myself again in the last six month, if you wanna know and was working right when I was listening? YouTube does have a bad habit of deleting tracks/videos, you know? Don’t know if anyone else really care about these playlists? Or how popular they’re? Oh yeah, let’s look at what YouTube says: 148 views for this one, so far which isn’t bad. They’re very, very, very long so knows if anyone goes for the start to the end but sharing it today, if you do want a listen? It’s about time or most likely it’s well overdue by now, don’t you think?

Once again, reminding you about these post’s feature image just below but don’t ask me the reason why? It’s a female actor or actress so it’s an American TV show this time instead of a movie, no one most likely don’t need me to tell you but…

It’s Gillian Anderson as Dana Scully in the first season of X-Files.

Cheers! 🙂


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