Cover Versions: Led Zeppelin’s Kashmir by Songhoy Blues & Sick Again by Sun Kil Moon

Songhoy BluesKashmir

Sun Kil MoonSick Again

Back to my fave couple of songs on the free CD Mojo mag’s covered albums, you could get this on vinyl which think they have done that two or three times now. Anyway I’m not the biggest Led Zep fan now, more one of my high school band I loved back then but I did really enjoy this. Entitled Physical Graffiti Redrawn which came with Mojo Mag ‎on April 2015. The full track listing over here, if you want more info? This is third place after the New Order and Fleetwood Mac ones which I’ve already posted up here on my blog so what’s my fave two cover comps by them? I promise to post them both next week sometime, OK? But guess what is going to be posted tomorrow? Something to do with this!


Cheers 🙂


    1. Well, i do love him/them and do blog about him/them a lot here on my blog, he has been around forever or since early 90’s with the band called Red House Painters or could something else? i don’t know but glad you dug them! 🙂

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      1. Oh man, that’s a real hard one and been thinking a lot what the right answer is? Because i myself am always changing my mind what his best is anyway! ATM I’m totally digging his self-titled Mark Kozelek album which is his new one released mid-year this year but he’s just release a even newer album this month, which I’ll blog about soon. I did write two posts earlier this year about my all-time faves! It was two of my top ten tracks so yeah, he’s the only artist to get 20 songs so far but just had to do it like that! The links are:
        So i think that will give you the best idea how his music has changed over the years plus those tracks will give you a very good, great idea what each of the full albums are like too!
        Sorry that doesn’t answer your question but hope that helps? Let me know, if and when you do listen? what your thinking after listening to those songs, please? I’ll think about it a bit more today and maybe i can give you a real answer later!
        Cheers 🙂

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      2. You went beyond the call of duty. I’m sure that will work. I already like the Zep cut you posted. It grabbed me so I usually have to pursue further when that happens. Being grabbed doesn’t happen as much as it once did. Thanks William.

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