Classic Albums: Zooropa by U2

OK, This could to be one of the biggest bands if not the biggest on my little/long list of fave albums? Now I do already know a lot of people or fans of U2 don’t rate this very high at all so you don’t need to tell me this fact but this is my own pile of fave stuff I really dig. For me the early 90’s U2 was their best or my fave time for them and I know this album quickly followed another one which did have some hits on it unlike this one I’ve named today. But the Zooropa album tops everything they have ever done for me, you can’t tell me anything to convince that I’m wrong! I guess I could be, like a lot of stuff I blog but who cares and so what because it’s my all-time favorite U2 album and that is that!

I don’t know what else I can add to everything else that’s been said about U2? I guess, I really enjoy them being a little more experimentally or wildly crazy depending who you talk too? Bono’s dressing-up in costumes Fly and MacPhisto characters around this time seem to match up with his lyrics, the music they were playing and the whole vibe they were going for which worked so very well when playing the ZOO TV tour. The no real hit singles from this album wasn’t a big deal for me, maybe it was for the rest of the world but I think it did them good and then you can listen to this album as a whole without waiting for so and so mega track to come on. Why not release The Edge doing his white man talking, rapping thing as the lead single? Why not release the second single with Bono singing in falsetto? Why not close the whole album with Johnny Cash singing to a electronic beat followed by hidden track of just noisily sounds? Why the bloody hell not?

Zooropa track list and times:

1. Zooropa – 6:30
2. Babyface – 4:00
3. Numb – 4:18
4. Lemon – 6:56
5. Stay (Faraway So Close!) – 4:58
6. Daddy’s Gonna Pay For Your Crashed Car – 5:19
7. Some Days Are Better Than Others – 4:15
8. The First Time – 3:45
9. Dirty Day – 5:24
10. The Wanderer – 5:42
Untitled Outro


Someone recently has told me to have over hundred fave albums is ridiculous! So here’s what I’ll say to that now: I will finish this because I’ve started and actually the grand total does added up to 300 and something albums anyway, you know? I’ve been doing this post an album type CA list for a very long time now. So here’s what I’ can do about it now: I’ll quickly as possible with much shorter posts than I’ve been doing in the past and not too much stuffing about and just up-end the rest of my classic albums’ posts. Then after than, maybe I’ll cut it or edited somehow down to my ultimate say top 50 albums? It will take a lot of work but maybe, just maybe could do that! We will see if I can, I guess? Or should I ask anyone/everyone else out there is 300+ albums too little and do I need to beef it up to 500 albums or something? Or no one really cares at all and I should just do whatever the hell I what?

This CA list below are my 119 favorite albums, so far because I’m still counting them up and now Zooropa by U2 is the 120th album post!

Who else out there digs Zooropa album? Or wanna say something about it? But please do try and be positive about it, if you can?

Cheers 🙂


    1. That’s right, you posted your 5 last year and i think we talked a little about them then so it’s taken me that long to get around posting something myself!
      Cheers Aphoristical again 🙂

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  1. Zooropa wasn’t my favorite U2 album but I did respect and appreciate their willingness to experiment with their sound given their level of popularity.

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  2. I was never a fan on early U2, unlike much of Australia at the time it seemed. If I never heard another “In the nammmme of love, one man in….” again, it would be too soon. ‘With or Without you’ was a nice song, but U2 still didn’t shag my wagon. My sister bought me ‘Rattle and Hum’, for X-mas, and I couldn’t figure why? It was ok. But then I heard, ‘The Fly’, and I was never the same again. AB is one of my all time faves. Like yourself, I really like early 90s U2, AB, Zooropa, even Pop. They were creative, experimental, and I dug it. I do like Zooropa, ‘Numb’ is a classic, ‘Babyface, Daddy’s gonna pay…’etc.
    I had tickets to the Zoomerang concert, but never went, long story. One of, if not my greatest concert regret.
    On a side note, I also had tickets to the U2 360 degrees tour in Anaheim, California (I live in the US now), but again didn’t attend, another long story. Maybe one day I’ll get to see them live….

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    1. Yeah, i missed seeing them live too then but i think i got that VHS of the Sydney show which I found a couple of the songs on YouTube and have embedded in the post above, after watching that tape way back then i did wish i when to that gig or one of them on that tour!
      Cheers Julian 🙂

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  3. I love this album. I can’t separate it from Achtung in my mind as it all seems to overlap and happen at once on the Zoo TV tour. I remember their Wembley show totally blowing my mind. Pop as Art in its purest form. Great write up

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  4. Zooropa’s my fave U2 as well. When I was in Finland listening to ‘Stay’, I think sitting on my bed writing in my diary or something, when the line ‘and an angel hit the ground’ came on, a coat hanger in my cupboard literally fell onto the ground for no apparent reason! It was really freaky but I felt protected! True story!

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